The Collegium Musicum Chamber Choir

The Collegium Musicum Chamber Choir, affiliated with the City Culture Center of Olsztyn, was established in 1977. It consists of musicians with professional musical education background as well as people simply who love choral singing: teachers, lawyers, business people, doctors, economists and students. It is organized according to the model of a Baroque musical society and it is not a professional choir, although in its artistic activities it competes and cooperates successfully with numerous professional musical groups. As of 1985, the choir's conductor is Janusz Wiliński.

The choir won public appreciation thanks to the unique atmosphere of its concerts. The Collegium Musicum choir consists exclusively of music-lovers and that is the secret of its success story. The interesting repertoire, rich sound, exceptional interpretational potential and the special atmospere in which the members of Collegium Musicum create their performances are also well known and highly appreciated outside Poland. Lack of professional musical education is the base for numerous achievements of that choir. The atmosphere of common interests is the key to success. Systematic improvement of knowledge and skills and persistence in achieveing the goals set by the conductor allowed creating a choir representing a high artistic level. Numerous presentations at festivals, awards and prizes won at domestic and international competitions, radio and television recordings as well as records are only the external manifestations of the success achieved. The joy of singing together found in common work is the heart of the success that the choir members convey to the listeners. The repertoire of the choir encompasses a wide range of choral music. Vocal and vocal-instrumental music from all periods from Renaissance to modern, sacral and lay, classical and popular, monumental oratory music and chamber miniatures form the unusally rich image of the choir.

The choir performed at hundreds of concerts, including several dozens of oratory and cantata concerts. It achieved successes presenting concerts in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Russia, UK, Belgium, France, Hungary and the USA.

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